Flat-Fee Commission Illustration

Does it cost a realtor more to list and sell a $500,000 home than it does to list and sell a $300,000 home?


Real estate agents charge up to 6% commission on every home they sell.  In other words, the sale of a $500,000 home results in a $30,000 commission.  If a buyer uses a buyer’s agent, the $30,000 is split between buyer’s agent and seller’s agent ($15,000 each).

Given the same facts above, Flatfy’s $4,000 commission structure will at the very least save you $11,000 in the event that a buyer’s agent is utilized, and could save you $26,000 absent a buyer agent representation.

Simply stated, the traditional broker fee arrangement bears little relationship to the value provided.  Our model is designed to eliminate the value gap in listing your home and to maximize the “net” sale proceeds paid to the seller.